Some answers to your questions!

Why be a member?
Membership can receive compensation for each client from your website. Simply register and distribute our advertising on your site, if a person subscribes to one of our services 1 € will be credited to your account.

How do I view my earnings and how to get it?
Your winnings are visible on your space "Member" website. Winnings will be paid via PayPal from 5€.

I already have a VPN account and / or Proxy!
If you're already a member of Team Prolix and you have a VPN account and / or Proxy (credited or not) you do not need to register again.

I am not a member of the site but I want to be an affiliate!
Simply send us an email giving us a pseudonym, a password and an email address. You can then track your information on your member area on the website.

I do not see any information related to my membership on my member's area!
Affiliate your data appear as soon as it becomes positive.

Affiliate your data:

How to set up advertising?
Download our ads, place where you want on your website and then redirect made with the following link:

Advertising is not the right size for my site?
Simply send us an email telling us the size of the advertising PIXEL. You can also specify the maximum weight of the file and the file format JPG PNG ...