Some answers to your questions.

What does it mean VPN?
VPN means Virtual Private Network (Virtual Private Network). A VPN is a tunnel that connects a computer with a gateway and it is connected to the Internet. The purpose of this tunnel is shared among a group of users data. ProlixeServer system is used to make an anonymous VPN connection.

Why my connection is 'secured' with the VPN system?
Create a VPN tunnel which passes all data before internet access. For example, a user wants to access the site, the approach qu'effectue computer is as follows:
1. The computer sends the request to access the site to our servers.
2. Our servers accesses the site and retrieves information request by the customer.
3. This information is returned to the computer that submitted the request via our servers.
There is therefore no trace left on the request made by the client computer, only the request of our servers can be registered. More data passing through our gateway (VPN) is secured with strong encryption (256 bits), which makes data corrupted for a person who has access to these data.

How to access services?
Simply follow this procedure:
1. Create an account on our site:
2. Once logged in go to the section 'VPN' (located in the left menu) and download the entire installation package VPN.
3. Once the file is unzipped and installed OpenVPN simply copy the elements of the file 'config' folder in the OpenVPN config then execute OpenVPN and enter your username and password (it will be automatically called by OpenVPN). For more details on the procedure, see the website helps.

VPN service is it avaialble for all operating systems?
VPN service depends on the OpenVPN software. This software is avaialble at least for these operating systems:
Windows: XP, Vista, Seven (7)
Linux: Ubuntu, CentOS, Redhat, Fedora

My internet provider does he know how website I log in?
It is not impossible. In addition, we do not store any data navigation aside your IP and time of connection. See our conditions of use for more information.

Can I go to (x) site (s) blocked (s) by my ISP / Networking?
Yes, ProlixeServer not blocking any site, any content. However, you must consult only legal websites.

Can I use my ProlixeServer work or school?
Well, it depends on the configuration of computers availables.

Can I use the VPN service on multiple computers at the same temp?
No, it's not impossible. An account can be connected via a single computer at the same temp, you need more than one account.

Can you see my IP address?
It is not impossible. The websites you visit can not have our IP address. ProlixeServer does not reveal any information.

I can not log in!
If you did not find any answer in the knowledge base:
1. See our helps on our website.
2. Contact us on social networks or via our website in the Contact section.

I can not install OpenVPN!
Refer you to the previous article and / or consult a search engine. This software does not depend on our will.

How to receive a promotional offer?
Promotional offers from 3 to 15 days are available on forums and social networks. When registering, enter your promotion, it will be active at the end of your registration. No extension may be granted.

How to contact you?
In two ways:
1. Via our email: [email protected]
2. Via social networks Facebook or Google+ (for addresses see News).