Some answers to your questions!

That includes the Service Pack?
Pack includes our service and VPN Proxy. Unlimited access and without commitment (minimum payment of 1 month). If you use two services at the same time takes advantage of VPN Proxy.

Common purpose between VPN and Proxy?
Proxies and VPN (Virtual Private Network) are two technologies that let you surf the internet anonymously, protect your privacy by hiding your IP address. For the record, an IP address is a number assigned by your ISP to your computer when you connect to the web. This number is identified and provides contact you left your ISP.

And security level?
If you just want to remain anonymous on the internet, both methods are valid and will provide the same security. Both methods hide your real IP address. Your traffic will be coming from another server, the real source (your computer and your internet connection) can not be raised.

What is a VPN?
It is a technology that creates a secure connection to the user, using sophisticated encryption means. The goal is to prevent malicious interception of internet and data. VPNs are often used to disseminate information to a large population.

What is a Proxy?
A proxy server is a computer that provides the customer with an internet connection indirect, which prevents those who use it to go through its own internet connection. Instead, the user connects to the proxy server.

They are the real differences?